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Fire And Fuel Apparel presents a wide array of firefighter clothing and accessories for men and women, inspired by some of the bravest and most daring of today’s heroes. Fire and Fuel Apparel supplies shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies, key chains, hats and much more with striking colors and designs that do justice to the great men and women saving lives across the country. With comfortable, durable materials and carefully designed, iconic insignia, Fire And Fuel Apparel creates clothing and accessories that are not only functional, but also stylish, unique and attractive. Each design is inspired by the fearlessness and daring of our everyday heroes, and what it truly means to be a firefighter, paramedic and EMS responder.

Fire And Fuel Apparel began with owner Jerry Lund’s dream of becoming a firefighter, and desire to give back to the brotherhood of firemen he is a part of. After 23 years as a firefighter, EMT, Fire Captain and paramedic, Jerry and his colleagues have been called to help in countless dire and dangerous situations. He has witnessed firsthand the heroism and courage it takes to work in the fire department, and his dedication and desire to help others has only strengthened throughout his career. Jerry used his experiences as a firefighter and first responder create Fire and Fuel Apparel and the many clothing and accessory items that show what it means to be a firefighter. Fire and Fuel Apparel takes the bravery and valor of first responders and puts it into wearable form, showing pride, respect and appreciation for these invaluable professions. Fire and Fuel Apparel serves current and former firefighters and their families, aspiring firefighters and all who appreciate the honorable work they do.

Fire And Fuel Apparel stocks clothing and accessories for men, women and children, with designs that are all made and printed in the USA. Men’s clothing includes a wide variety of styles and colors, both bold and subtle. All shirts, hoodies and other apparel are made with flexible, durable materials, so they are easy to work in or relax in, and show off your firefighter pride wherever you go. Fire And Fuel Apparel combines symbols of patriotism and sports, as well as common symbols of the trade such as the Maltese Cross and St. Florian. The Sportsman and Firefighter logo is ideal for the men that spend their days at work fighting fires and their days off in the great outdoors. The American Firefighter t-shirts and Real Heroes Without Capes design are great to wear anywhere, and will command respect wherever you go. Fire And Fuel Apparel supplies uniquely-designed apparel for any pastime, including cross-fit and MMA-style athletic gear, golf polos, camouflage hunting apparel and many more. Fire And Fuel Apparel has also not forgotten the brave ladies both in the field and at home. Ladies of all ages and sizes can find unique, proud and attractive clothing that represents their heroic activism or shows support for family, friends and loved ones. The same patriotic, sporting and professional themes and insignia are used, with cuts and fabric customized for a flattering, fitted look. T-shirts, V-neck, long sleeve shirts, hoodies, tank-tops and other styles are available, with colors ranging from black, green, grey, pink, red, white, blue neon and others. Fire And Fuel Apparel also designs male, female and unisex winter and summer hats with a variety of designs. The sturdy construction and materials are made to stand up to harsh wind, rain, sun or snow in any activity, whether you are golfing, hunting, working out, or you are just out and about. Fire And Fuel Apparel also designs key chains, stickers, bracelets, flasks, golf bags and other accessories using iconic insignia and protective symbols. With the patron saint of firefighters on your key ring or Love My Firefighter bracelet close at hand, you can rest assured knowing you or your loved ones are coming home safe each night. Finally, for the littlest members of the firefighter family, you can find adorable fireman baby clothing and other apparel. Fire And Fuel Apparel stocks apparel and accessories for days at work and days at home, and also supplies professional gear to assist in emergency situations. Choose from a selection of knives, flashlights, EMS gear, medical response bags and other items to be ready if disaster strikes.

Find athletic gear, everyday wear, symbolic accessories and more for yourself or a loved one on Fire And Fuel Apparel. Whether you are looking for a gift for the firefighter or first responder in your life, or you are looking for a special item to show off you courage and pride as a firefighter or a part of a firefighter family, Fire And Fuel Apparel has the perfect fit for you. See the designs by category to get started and shop online to have your selection delivered to your door.

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