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Fire Destroys 2,000 Houses

Check out these picture from the in the port city of Valparaiso, Chile, a massive fire started late Saturday. Fueled by strong winds, flames swept across hilly residential areas, destroying more than 2,000 houses and killing at least 12. Firefighters battled the blaze throughout the weekend and are still extinguishing isolated hot spots. Read more […]

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Will You Walk With Us?

Have you ever heard the saying that goes something like this “show me the people you walk with and I will show you who you are”?  As a company we find a lot of truth in those words. We are an apparel with a mission to make a difference and we will “walk” with those […]

CrossFit’s Dirty Little Secret

Is CrossFit’s dirty little secret happen often? I came across this article today talking about Rhabdomyolysis as one of the big concerns about doing CrossFit training. The simple definition of Rhabdomyolysis  is the destruction of striated muscle cell.Which incredible hard on your kidneys. Most of in the fire service are fimilair  with CrossFit and may have even do it […]