The Top 5 Songs To Keep You Pumped Up At The Gym

As we discussed in a previous post, working out is a big part of being a first responder. Unlike other jobs, that are predominantly physical (waiting tables, construction, landscaping) or predominantly intellectual (digital marketing, computer programming, graphic design) EMS professionals have to be both. In the course of a given work day, an emergency medical…read more

High-Performance Apparel That Every Paramedic Needs

Do you work as a paramedic? Perhaps it’s a good friend, spouse, or relative that earns a living by saving people’s live in the midst of chaotic emergencies. Either way, the team here at Fire & Fuel Apparel is thankful every day for the services that these first responders provide to our community. Our love…read more

Our Firefighter Apparel Makes A Great Valentine’s Gift!

Is the love of your life a firefighter? If so, allow us to thank you. Every day you share one of the most special people in your life with the entire community. They put their lives on the line to make sure that others will survive a very scary and dangerous situation, and that means…read more

Why You Need Firefighter Athletic Apparel Today

As a firefighter, you already know what it takes to be successful. If you didn’t, you wouldn’t be where you are today. Ultimately, you have had to endure more than the average person. More is expected of us because the safety of others is our sole responsibility. This teaches us to have higher expectations about…read more


This post unabashedly piggybacks off, “Logging the Miles,” and the central idea of masking and hiding emotions. A lot of people (fire service and beyond) have this carefully cultivated public persona: there’s the jerk, the yes man, the princess, the health nut, Mr. “all certs and no experience”, etc… We’ve all met them. A few…read more

Logging the Miles

I had a piece on leadership and the probie set for my next entry; instead, I want to talk about fascades. Relax. I won’t be quizzing you about building construction. What I mean are the masks we don more than our scba ones: the guise that everything is just A-Ok. Mine sported such a pretty…read more

This Is How We’re Killing Firefighters

We think we have time to change department rules and revise bylaws. Problem is, we don’t. We’re on borrowed time as it is. According to the Firefighter Behavioral Health Alliance, a firefighter takes his/her life every 3.25 days. That’s your brother, your sister. Two a week. Gone. Despite the push for awareness and action, we’re…read more